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13. Unless agreed by both parties otherwise, websites which we build and host on behalf of clients will be stored on special powerservers provided as a managed hosting service, with no FTP or database access to any 3rd parties to enable a higher level of security and uptime to our current clients. Should you require FTP access we will need to arrange a full transfer to another server at a reasonable charge.

14. We are not responsible for the backup of any files on its servers. Should data be erased due to hardware failure or any other reason, we will not be responsible for any resulting financial loss whatsoever. Any website produced by us, Web space and Server rentals are priced as a non-refundable service and cannot be terminated by the customer for the pre-paid period. We have the right to terminate our services without giving a refund and without prior notice under the following conditions but not limited to:
i. If the customer is consuming our time dealing with unwarranted complaints or legal matters or if the customer is endangering our system or overloading the network.
ii. The server is being used for activities we deem inappropriate.
iii. The server is being used for criminal activities.
iv. The unauthorised use of IP numbers, flooding, sniffing, netmasks, gateways, etc.

15. Prior to search engine promotion work being undertaken by us, we need assurances from the client that: The client has not employed the services of another search engine optimisation or promotion company to work on the web site at the same time or previously, nor has the client employed the services of a search engine submission company during the same period or previously. The client has not created any duplicate sites, redirects or doorway pages. If duplicate sites have been previously published, the client must inform us before work commences allowing appropriate recommendations to be carried out. The client has not requested or exchanged links with link farms or undertaken any spamming or other blackhat techniques which may harm the web sites ranking with Google or other search engines. No link exchanges must take place without prior consultation with us.

16. Both on-page and off-page SEO techniques will require FTP access to the website. Prior to embarking on the SEO campaign, it must be agreed that we are granted access the site to implement changes.

17. From the date we commence, the contract will continue on a three monthly basis automatically until notice is given. The minimum notice period for termination of any SEO service is 3 months. Notice of cancellation of this agreement shall be deemed valid and accepted by us if received by fax, e-mail or post after the initial three month period. Cancellation will be accepted on the date of actual receipt of termination by us and will take effect at the end of a ninety day period for which you will be charged at the normal rate applicable.

18. Due to the competitiveness of some keywords/phrases, ongoing changes in search engine ranking algorithms and other competitive factors, it is not possible to give a guarantee for any specific result on any specific search engine, nor can we quantify the level of increased traffic or return on investment, as a result of the SEO campaign. However, we will guarantee that we will perform search engine optimisation and submissions to the best of our current ability, working to the agreed time allocation and contract value, within parameters and rules of the search engines. Additionally, as new sites and potentially competitor web sites are being optimised and submitted every day, results will fluctuate. The best way to ensure that you maintain your rankings, once we achieve them, is to continue with an SEO contract with us.

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